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Maximizing Space: Tips for Creating the Ultimate Closet System

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The task of your home construction or remodeling project can sometimes be overwhelming, but keep in mind the end result and that smile reappears on your face. As your home comes together, one small organizational task could have you grinning all the way to the proverbial bank, even while the contractor is pouring concrete into the space that will reappear as your brand-new kitchen. Turn your attention instead to what will be your amazing new closets. Hard to believe at this point in the process that a space once a little chaotic, disorganized and packed beyond belief now has the chance to be a beautiful, functional space. With some planning and research, your new closet will be a place of serenity, where everything stored in there will have its proper place and ease of accessibility.

Organized modern closet in white and pink.

Although we all want that perfect closet, few of us know how to achieve it. Closet design expert Jennie Rinker of Closet America shares that the first thing to think about is why you want to renovate your storage areas, followed by prioritizing the closets of your home in order of urgency, making clear what the ideal result will do for you. Oftentimes, priorities differ across generations, Clients in Gen X and Y tend to need high capacity storage for their children and to condense the chaos in the rest of the house,” Rinker offers, “On the other hand, baby boomers who have already remodeled everything else in their house are often upgrading master closets. A custom closet is a luxury item for this group, so the decorative aspects of the closet take top priority.”


A traditional closet design creates a warm, comforting, inviting feeling when you look inside. It’s classic in appearance with an emphasis on symmetry and details. Decorative hardware, cabinet doors, and glass can be combined in here for a timeless traditional look. Wood tones look great when combined with traditional designs, but it is definitely still possible to create a traditional closet using white or black cabinets. Adding molding details to the tops of the cabinets will nicely complete a traditional look in your closet.


Tampa Bay-based design firm Closet Art USA asserts that modern closet designs are elegant while also fairly minimal in appearance. A modern closet can be bold, yet timeless and simple with unexpected elements in virtually any color or finish. The focus in a modern closet space is often on functionality and efficiency. While modern closets are commonly associated with urban living, they can be featured in any home or any size closet space for a fresh, updated look. Elements in modern closets include slab front cabinets, open shelves, glass doors, and shiny finishes.

Contemporary white closet.

Regardless of your look, your closet must be accessorized! Finish your design with high quality elements like storage baskets, shoe racks, jewelry organizers, and belt and tie racks. You could further convenience your gorgeous newly renovated closet by adding mirrors, ironing boards, and designated hampers for individual clothing separation.

Now that you’ve got all the design elements, you need to be able to see what you’re deciding upon, yes? Finish off your closet design with the right lighting, and accent lighting, so that your space is functional as well as beautiful. Closet Art USA recommends lighting that can be installed above and along hanging bars in bedroom and coat closets, as well as those that automatically turn on and off installed inside drawers. Consider adding lights to shelves to help you see items you need, highlight your shoes, or add drama to any space.


Kitchens aren’t the only rooms that benefit from a standalone work surface. Picture it: your functional, spacious closet with an island in the middle. It can happen! Closet islands are luxurious, handy, and add a true feeling of indulgence to the dressing room, while adding all that extra storage space and the convenience of an available flat surface.

With all the elements in place, you’re all set for organized, functional closets throughout your home. Contact us at J. Sweet Construction when you’re ready to start your home remodeling or new construction project. We’ll put over 25 years of experience to work to help you get those closets up to speed!

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