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Interior Door Styles

Ever since we figured out how to build houses with more than one room, the interior door has no doubt been a regular fixture in our homes. Although there is no known pinpoint in history as to the exact time it was invented, we do know that the first automatic door was created by the Greek scholar Heron of Alexandria in 1 A.D. Now that’s starting the common era off right! (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

Great interior design works aesthetically as well as practically. You may consider the act of choosing interior doors a fairly insignificant aspect of this process, but the right product can add value to both components of the design: adding substance and a feeling of luxury to your interior while providing privacy and soundproofing. Whether you’re embarking on new home construction or a remodel, the right doors will make all the difference in the feel and resale value of your home. They also make a great first impression.

Once you have decided on the look and budget, the next step is understanding the choices and their benefits and downsides, say the pros at Internal Doors. When making your choice, remember to consider the reality of poor soundproofing e.g. a bedroom door that leads off a room with a television, a bathroom or a room that is near an area that tends to be noisy early in the morning, like a kitchen. Being able to control your environment within each room and have the benefit of silence if you want it should be a major factor in your interior door decision.

MOULDED AND MDF Most standard wooden doors are made from either moulded wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard). These types of doors are made of a composite wood and as a result, are durable and able to resist warping, shrinkage, and cracking, says Pompano-based door manufacturer Florida Lumber. Moulded doors can be either hollow or solid wood. Consider solid for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is key. Depending on your interior design layout, painted doors could be just the right fit in your home, and either of these types of moulded door work well with paint. MDF wooden doors are made from a more natural process and are generally more durable for home use. If being environmentally-friendly is a concern, this could be the wood type for your doors.

FRENCH DOORS A set of custom-built French doors add a nice touch to any home. Consider whether you prefer solid or windows. Either style works great to separate off a study or den from the general living area.

PIVOT DOORS Pivot doors are a modern take on the interior door. Typically larger than normal, these slider-type doors open around a vertical axis that can be located anywhere within the width of the slab.

BARN DOORS What, do you live in a barn? The joke will never get old when you have these beautifully crafted sliding doors in your home. Creating a more functional space in your larger rooms is a breeze with these custom built doors, points out JC Floors of Lauderdale Lake.

POCKET DOORS Sliding doors are a very in thing at the moment, so if the barn doors aren’t doing it for you, try pocket doors, the type of sliding door that disappears into the wall using concealed tracks and hardware.

SPECIALTY DOORS If you’re looking to go above and beyond for your interior door look, you can choose from several custom sliding door types like curved glass featuring stainless steel sliding door hardware, curved sliding wood doors, tempered glass or multi-panel doors for your home. Make that statement with tall floor to ceiling doors. Even your closet doors can be designed in a variety of choices.

If you’re looking for an expert opinion on which doors will work best for your home, don’t hesitate to ask us! J. Sweet Construction offers more than 20 years’ worth of experience for your new home construction and remodeling decisions, delivered with honesty and integrity.

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