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Making a Statement with Tile

Slowly but surely, tile has expanded its placement in the home. Where it has typically been found in the floor, your shower and as the stove backsplash, tile is now a Florida new home construction and remodel favorite all around the house. New, inventive ideas and uses for tile can enhance and upscale the value of your home tremendously.

WALL TILE Brandon, Florida-based The Tile Shop agrees that installing wall tile in your Florida home is an opportunity to make a statement, “From trendy colors to dazzling design patterns, there are more options than ever to create stunning accent or statement walls. To spice up plain white tile walls, lay them in an unusual pattern to add personality. Accentuate the pattern with a dark grout or take them up to the ceiling for a fresh wallpaper look. For a modern spin on subway tile, use tiles that are longer or textured. Don’t forget that tile is also great at enhancing the outdoor appearance of your home. Several materials can withstand the elements while maintaining their beautiful colors and designs.”

PATTERNED TILE Patterned tile is a solid replacement for wallpaper, and last much longer without the risk of peeling or fading. It’s also an effective way to update the look and feel of your home. A blend of durability and style, patterned tile is available in a variety of materials, patterns, shapes and colors, making it a perfect fit for any room. It also gives you the chance to make a statement with unique materials, trendy colors and beautiful design patterns. In the kitchen, it’s a striking compliment against cabinets and appliances. In the bedroom, its decorative effect makes a lovely contribution behind the dresser or bed. As an option in the bathroom, patterned tile offers a gorgeous design as well as protection for the wall from the daily humidity of steam and water, much more compared to wallpaper. And it lasts much longer, which is always a plus. For your remodel, consider pairing two contrasting patterns to separate the upper and lower half of the wall.

Mosaic tile is a popular style used for upscale home wall projects, offering many pattern types for your needs. There are several styles of patterned Mosaic tile,bold or subtle, that can be found in an array of styles to compliment the area. In the bathroom, extending your Mosaic shower tile to wrap the whole room will protect surfaces and make the room seem bigger. When patterned together by a professional, the finished look is beautiful and striking.

FLOOR TILE With all the possibilities that tile offers for your wall, we can almost forget its original intent as an option for the floor. Porcelanosa, a worldwide company originating in Spain with locations in and around Miami, Florida, has some great ideas for beautiful realistic-looking floor tile, like stone-inspired ceramic floor tiles, marble looking ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, metallic and textured floor tiles, and solid color floor tiles to add in value and luxury for your whole house.

Do you like the feel of tile, but prefer the look of wood? Vinyl tiles might be the way to go, given our humid Naples, Florida weather. Luxury vinyl tiles are meticulously designed to look just like hardwood or stone, holding up quite well to all that life has to offer. With vinyl tiles such as those made by Armstrong Flooring, you also have the option for standard square or plank shape to further give the impression of wood. Families can appreciate these tiles, as they offer the warm look of a traditional wood floor while withstanding whatever might be dropped on or rolled over them. Armstrong also recommends these tiles for homes with pets, given their durability, ease of cleaning and waterproof features. They’re easy to maintain, and also provide slip resistance for padded paws.

CEILING TILE Tile works great on the floor and walls, so why not the ceiling? This idea is popular mostly in bathrooms, in order to create a smooth, clean effect in what is typically a smaller room in the house. Contemporist mentions quite a few instances where this bathroom design has been successfully applied. As for other rooms, a decorative mosaic ceiling tile can be both beautiful and acoustically effective to absorb sound.

Tile can enhance and increase the value of your Florida home. Contact us at J. Sweet Construction for expert advice for your tiling project, culled from more than 20 years of construction and remodeling experience, always with honesty and integrity.

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