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Protecting Your Home with a Security System

You’ve invested a sizable, rewarding sum into your new home construction or remodel. Now your Florida home needs to be protected with a reliable, easy-to-program security system. Face it, it’s a dangerous world out there, and we don’t just mean the unsavory kind looking to break in and steal your belongings or potentially harm your family. Here in southwest Florida, there are many four- and more-legged creatures sniffing about your exterior property, especially at night. You’d hate a surprise encounter with one of the larger, more dangerous ones while out walking the dog. Your contractor can recommend a good security system can alert you to any possible dangers.

Some security systems will offer the usual alarm or surveillance monitors, and additionally protect you against smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Most at this point can be programmed to offer viewing options from your phone. If you’re looking for a more complete home security system, there are certain companies that offer this feature. It might get confusing given all the choices; you just need to choose wisely given the layout of your home and the amount of remote access you prefer, as well as your technical expertise and the level of security you’d like, says

Simplisafe security systems have been featured in many a tech journal, including CNET, PC Magazine, and the Verge, quietly earning a reputation as the head of next-generation home security systems. This reliable, sleek system offers whole-home protection with near-invisible sensors and HD cameras positioned throughout the home. Simplisafe has professional monitoring as well as built-in safeguards that keep it running in the event of power outages, WiFi disruptions, and manual attacks, making it a comprehensive home security system that’s easy to set up and easier to maintain.

Another DIY system loaded with customization ideas, Frontpoint’s home security system combines hardwire, WiFi, and human monitoring to cover all the bases. You can purchase fully configured packages that include pre-programmed sensors and devices that work right away without any complicated configurations. Frontpoint’s hubs and keypads are protected by smash-proof technology and secured by a mobile phone connection along with internet backup for double protection.

Vivint systems tap right into the latest tech offerings, providing not just home security cameras and environmental protection with fire, smoke, flood and carbon monoxide monitoring; they also have an option for programmable medical alerts and two-way doorbell voice communication for your Naples, Florida home. And yes, all programmable from your phone, wherever you may be.

The Guardian security system is also so technologically advanced that it will, as they claim, “turn your home into a smart home” that you can manage from anywhere. Their interactive system can be expanded to include controlling lights, thermostat, entry locks and your garage door. They’ve been around for over 65 years and are top rated. One of their main features is a 24/7 monitoring center where experts initiate a response to any emergency signal in an average of 30 seconds or less. In the event of a true emergency, Guardian can direct police, fire or EMS to your Florida home.

If your Florida home is on the beach and you’d like to capture photos and video of all that nature has to offer, i.e. sunsets, dolphin sightings and the like, consider higher end video equipment like trail cameras, which operate like a home security system but with much higher quality with which to capture the moment. Yes, they are called trail cameras, but their function is completely adaptable for seaside photography and videography as well. ProtectAmerica offers a high-end trail camera, which also features night vision and further range of distance.

Ask the experts at J. Sweet Construction for experienced advice for the home security system that works best for your new home construction, renovation or remodel. We would love to discuss the options with you.

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