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If you enjoy the taste of an exceptional bottle of wine, no doubt you’ve dreamt of dedicating space in your house to the collecting, storage and display of your vintage favorites. Obviously, here in Florida the standard basement wine “cellar” is not an option. No worries, however, architects have devised some great designs for those of us in the tropical environs who demand and appreciate the finer things in aged beverages. Quick term definition here, thank you Wikipedia: An above-ground wine cellar is often called a wine room, while a small wine cellar (fewer than 500 bottles) is sometimes termed a wine closet.

Florida residential wine cellars are designed to not only store your finest wines in ideal conditions but to also add value and beauty to your home. In addition to keeping your wines safe, your wine room must also entice your guests since this room is on the main floor and typically well within view when guests are visiting.


An important aspect of an attractive home wine cellar (Yes it’s just a room. See above.) is a well-designed entry door that also complements your existing home decor. The wine cellar door is the obvious first thing that your guests notice upon entering your wine cellar, so it needs to make its own statement. Common materials used in manufacturing cellar doors are wood, glass and wrought iron. Using wood, particularly mahogany or redwood, as the main material for constructing custom wine cellar doors provides a wide range of design options. Wooden cellar doors can be painted with any color, stained or carved according to your personal preference.

When staining the wood, you must remember that each species has its own color and will take the stain accordingly. If you want a unique entry to your wine cellar, a hand-carved cellar door might be just the thing! Envision a wooden cellar door with custom glass panels, which can also enhance the beauty of your wine room.

A host of add-ons are possible at this point, courtesy of, including:

  • Glass etching

  • Door jambs

  • Door swing and sweep

  • Casings

  • Weather stripping

  • Hardware

  • Strike plate

  • Crown molding

  • Fluted casings


Remember the fact that wine is perishable and can easily deteriorate when stored in poor conditions. In order to maintain a safe storage environment for wine, there are elements in wine cellar construction besides the door that must be professionally installed including the room insulation, cooling system, and flooring.

Insulation itself is an important factor in wine storage. A well-insulated storage room will prevent extreme changes in temperature and humidity levels. Keep in mind that wine needs a stable environment in order to reach proper maturation before it is consumed, as well as optimum temperature and humidity levels. Too much humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow, and very low humidity levels can cause the wine cork to crack, leading to wine oxidation.

Factor into the equation where the room will be located, its size and number of potential bottles you’d like to store. Throw in the possible design of your racking options, including the most-used modular wine racks, and where exactly you’d like the cooling system to go. Once all of these specifications have been met, you are on your way to that majestic, impressive room full of your vintage favorites.

Your custom Florida wine room can be the point of interest for guests that you always wanted it to be, and a center for elegance and enjoyment for years. Feel free to contact us at J. Sweet Construction with thoughts or questions about adding a Florida wine room to your luxury new home or remodel. We put honesty and integrity into every project.

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