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Bath Design Trends

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Ok, so we’re already half-way through 2019, but no time like now to take a look at current trends in bathroom design, should you be contemplating maybe a spring bathroom makeover or are building and designing a home. Courtesy of Décor Mag, some of the more popular styles on board for this year include: mirrored walls, terrazzo, wallpaper, the stand-alone tub, café culture, high-gloss, curved mirrors and concrete. Choose a wall, maybe an accent wall, and cover the whole thing with mirrors. Mirror is inexpensive and will make your bathroom appear brighter and larger. And hey, more mirror, the easier it will be to get dressed and check your look before presenting it to the world, yeah?

TERAZZO Terrazzo, that graphically speckled surface, has resurfaced as an option for your 2019 bathroom do-over. Its freckled pattern, complete with a few blemishes (It’s a look…), gives Terrazzo that pizzazz that works well with most design styles. Just watch out for the original Terrazzo movement’s color choices of salmons, pastels and yellows. Opt instead for a brighter, more modern color to complement your bathroom.

WHITE AND GREY MARBLE Another trend in 2019’s bathroom surfaces is white and grey marble, says Ariel Okin of Ariel Okin Interiors. A timeless classic, marble works in both traditional and modern designs and works well for resale value. Quickly replacing tiled, grouted shower floors and walls, man-made materials like quartz and porcelain tiles look like natural stones, hold up for years, and never go out of style. Designer Carolyn Pressly concurs that a luxurious large marble slab floor also acts to hide liner drainage lines beneath. Sandblast it for a non-slip surface, match it to the walls and this bathroom will speak for itself. Wasn’t it just yesterday you were scraping old wallpaper off the walls of that fixer upper you invested in? Well guess what, wallpaper is BACK, and would look stellar behind your guest towels. Since its returned in the 2000s, rest assured the prints available nowadays are as thoroughly modern and hip as you’d imagine. HGTV’s got some great wallpaper ideas.

NEUTRAL COLOR PALETTE Hyphen Design Director Allison Petty suggests a neutral color palette as something that will work for years to come. “To keep it feeling modern we love using a monochromatic element throughout the whole space,” she offers, “For example, using all of one color or material (such as the color green or all marble tile) is a great way to achieve this, classic tile and motifs can be incorporated still but using all of one material creates a fun jewel box-like look to the space. You can still stay neutral and make it feel like something really special.”

SPA BATHROOM Halden Interiors’ Principal Kesha Franklin insists that the spa bathroom trend has officially returned, and recommends basic black as a bold, sultry look to evoke an indulgent high-end experience. You could put a piece of statement art on that black wall, insists designer Anne Hepfer, who declares that 2019 is all about making an artistic statement. That art piece will also provide a pretty focal point.

BATHTUBS The bathtub is set to make a comeback in 2019, utilizing Art Deco influences, notes Ms. Okin. With nods to old-world craftmanship, stand-alone soaking bathtubs from Kohler and Waterworks are making a statement, as is off-kilter placement. Like in a corner. It frees up space, insists designer Alison Milne. The Spruce lists their eight best bathtubs of 2019 here, its favorite being the American Standard Cambridge 5-foot bath tub with left-hand drain, to get specific. Like copper? The Heisenberg 5.7 ft. handmade pure solid copper freestanding claw foot bath tub will make that statement loud and clear. Check out the complete list for some additional bathtub ideas.

BUTTERY BRASS FINISHES As for fixtures, ditch the chrome, says House and home. A buttery brass is all the rage, especially in white bathrooms with lots of marble. Brass with all its shine will pop against a smart marbl-y layout.

Whatever you choose for your new luxury home bathrooms or bathroom remodel, be sure to call J. Sweet Construction for all your remodel needs. We’ll get it done right the first time.

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