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Maximizing Kitchen Space: Your Best Guide to Custom Storage Solutions

Updated: Mar 11

If you’re going to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen or if you are designing one for your new custom home, more than likely you will want to make room for both your family and your stuff in the most central part of your home. Therefore, incorporating storage areas into your remodel should be a top priority. You wouldn't like to have it all done, then come to the realization that although your ceilings may be higher and your space bigger, you still need adequate storage solutions that make sense.

LAZY SUSAN UPDATE It’s true that the kitchen probably has more stuff to store than the rest of the house with all the cooking, measuring, prep and serving. Remember that bastion of kitchen memories, the lazy Susan? This spinning corner storage cabinet is a classic and no doubt brings you back to Grandma’s kitchen, spinning it endlessly on the hunt for the cookies. Before you get stuck on visions of plastic shelves crammed high with cake mixes and boxed potatoes, your modern lazy Susan is much better equipped in its corner home and can be configured using a variety of convenient shapes to suit your needs, like pie cuts, kidneys, half-moons or full circles.

Lazy susan kitchen cabinet for storage

If you’re ready to move beyond the spinning, HGTV suggests a drawer/cabinet combo. Drawers by nature pull out and allow you access to the back of your cabinets in the simplest way. Custom corner cabinets made with pie-shaped drawers are one option for creating a more effective corner area of your kitchen. Keep in mind that with a pie-shaped drawer, you’re going to need a creative cabinet-pull system. Double pulls – one set for each side of the pie – are also clearly an option. The hinged swing-out corner door is yet another update where, when extended, it folds out away from the corner, thus exposing all the contents of your cabinet for easy access.

Lazy susan corner drawers for kitchen storage

DRAWERS Drawers themselves can be the huge configuration of your kitchen remodel. Full-extension drawers add accessibility, organization, and convenience to your design, asserts All Star Construction. They provide more usable space by allowing the entire drawer to be pulled out from the cabinet, thus giving complete access. Drawer cabinets can even be designed to include dividers, making it easier to organize cookware, cutlery, and utensils. Just about every cabinet can be configured to accommodate a drawer and therefore, save your back. Now if that isn’t a game changer, what is? Besides drawers that hold dishes, pots and pans, you could incorporate one underneath to conveniently store a footstool, install a skinny slide-out panel for hanging dishtowels, and dedicate a drawer to paper towels, thereby cleverly hiding the roll while adding storage for extras.

WIRE BASKETS Besides drawers, wire baskets hung beneath shelves can be your other best friend in your newly remodeled kitchen, adding easy access to their contents, while effectively using space in your cabinets. Add a pulley system and now getting into the baskets has become easier than ever. Tired of storing your root vegetables in their bags that themselves sit on a shelf, increasing the chances of spoilage before you know it? Place those potatoes in a wire basket, inside a cabinet dedicated to food. The design could include a shelf or two for spices as well.

KITCHEN ISLAND STORAGE If there’s space, then you should seriously consider a kitchen island into your remodel. Not only will you increase counter space, but the storage possibilities beneath are endless. The island can be a central place for extras like serving bowls and less-used pots and pans, and those extraneous things that seem to end up in the kitchen like pens, pencils and everyday tools like a screwdriver and set of pliers.

Luxury Kitchen with Island

Don’t forget to look up for ideas like a rack of hooks to hang pots and pans, installing a magnetic knife holder near the stove, or a set of matching airtight bins for flours, beans, pastas, cereals and the like. By incorporating some or all of these ideas into your kitchen remodel you’ll save space, increase your efficiency, and ultimately increase the value of your home.

With more than 25 years of custom home building and remodeling experience, J. Sweet Construction can offer great advice for your kitchen, with honesty and integrity. Give us a call at 239-325-5150!


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