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The Value of the Serious Laundry Room

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

It’s one of those necessities of life: doing your laundry. Whether you live alone or are in charge of cleaning your family’s clothing, it’s a chore that is best done with a functional setup and quality tools in order to preserve your clothes for yet another day and another memory. After all, not everything can be dry cleaned, can it? That said, it therefore makes sense to have what you need to make it as easy as possible, not to mention increasing the value of your Florida home. Whether your home is a new construction or remodel, don’t overlook the laundry room in your design. Your clothing will thank you for it.

White Laundry Room

Go for a clean, classic look, says Leslie Hendrix Wood, founding editor of luxury lifestyle and design blog, Hadley Court. The serious laundry room is the result of the perfect blend of form and function. Wood recommends having your general contractor use light, neutral colors as the typical laundry room tends to be on the smaller side. Light colors will open it up and make it at least feel larger. They also encourage a “clean” look, which is what you should strive for in a room focused on cleaning anyway, right? Consider natural lighting with at least one window or a skylight. Under-counter lighting is a soft lighting option as well.


Storage space should never be discounted, especially in your laundry room. Having room for your detergent, softener, laundry baskets, hampers, hangers, etc. all add up to less clutter. The serious laundry room should incorporate plenty of shelving and cabinets in which to neatly house the necessities. Having multiple laundry baskets also mean less sorting, so be sure to have space for them.


Functionality is a major concept for any home remodeling idea. Be sure to keep it top of mind for your serious laundry room. A large, deep sink will come in handy when needing to soak some clothing or remove stains. If space allows, install a clothing rod so that anything that needs to be air-dried can immediately be taken out of the dryer and hung up right away. Be sure to incorporate plenty of countertop space that can be used for stain removal, ironing and folding of all the laundry.

Classic White Laundry Room

And who said only one washer and one dryer? No one! Having two of each means everything gets done that much more quickly. Installing front loading machines gives you stacking options for optimal use of the space. We also suggest putting the appliances on raised platforms, especially if you have front loaders. Your back will thank you. If your room is large enough, consider an island for your storage and folding needs, and a retractable ironing board that can be pulled out from beneath the counter, then effortlessly stored away when not in use. Should you be doing the ironing and folding in your laundry room, consider installing a TV to help pass the time.


Many people often choose to put their pets’ beds and/or litter boxes in the laundry room, especially if it has a door to the outside. If you are of this mindset, many options exist to fully incorporate your furry companion’s needs into the setup of the room without alienating the humans in the house. Consider a spot under the counter by a corner to install a fenced-in area where your dog can sleep. Place a litter box near specifically-

installed ventilation for your feline friends. A convenient in/out door for your pet to use could come in handy. In the event of rain there is the need for drying off your pet upon

Dog Wash in Laundry Room

entering the house. All of the necessary tools for doing so like specific towels and grooming tools, as well as accessories like soaps, lotions, etc. can have a designated spot in your serious laundry room, which can be customized to easily house everything you need for them alongside your laundry accoutrements.

Ready to jump in and design your dream laundry room? For additional tips and suggestions concerning a new home construction or remodel, the experts at J. Sweet Construction have more than 20 years of experience and know how in custom home construction and remodeling in Naples to get the job done right, with honesty and integrity.

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